A. No. You do not need good credit to Rent To Own or rent any of our properties. If your credit is damaged, we can help show you how to improve and repair your credit. The cost is normally $995 per person.  As a bonus to you for enrolling in either the Rent To Own Program or the Better Than Rent Program you get the Credit Education & Repair Program for free.   Please feel free to contact us for more information about the credit repair program. Additional services include securing credit cards for you to further aid in improving your credit rating with all reporting bureaus.

This section has been provided to answer some of the most common questions that people have about our Rent To Own or rental programs. If you have any questions that are not answered here, feel free to ask us. Thank you!


Q. Who is Jade Homes, L.L.C.?


A. We’ve spent many years researching homeowners’ needs; demographics and reasons people are turned down for mortgage loans. After compiling this comprehensive information and purchasing homes, we commenced business in 2001. We have already helped many clients with similar home buying concerns as yours. We make the dream of home ownership a reality.



Q. How many programs do you have?


A. We currently have four programs available with one to fit your needs. The most popular program among our clients is our Rent To Own Program. The second is the Better Than Rent Program, which like the Rent To Own, but requires little money down.  And the third option is the straight purchase plan. Our layaway program is our fourth program, which helps our clients that may not be ready to move immediately or may not have any money saved to put down.  Ask us for details!   



Q. I have never owned a home before so how can I own a home through your program?


A. It’s really quite simple and as easy as 1-2-3. The first thing you need to do is complete the confidential online and hassle-free application. There is never a charge for the online application. The information you’ve submitted on the application allows us to identify the property in our inventory that is most suitable for you. If a match exists, you will be notified within 48 hours and the process is commenced towards your home ownership.



Q. How does the regular purchase program work?


A. We can recommend excellent professionals in the business of home loans, title insurance, homeowner’s insurance, etc. to assist you in attaining the home. Or you may be eligible for our new layaway program, in which you’ll make payments until your down payment amount is reached. At that time, you can move into the home under the Rent To Own program.



Q. How does the  Rent To Own Program work?


A. There are two things that usually prevent a person from purchasing or qualifying for a traditional mortgage. First, blemished credit and second, coming up with the down payment and closing costs. Pay your Rent To Own payment on time for 12-24 consecutive months and you become eligible for refinancing with the outstanding credit you have established us, therefore eliminating costly down payment and closing costs. Our Rent To Own Program is a tremendous way of owning a home without the struggle of qualifying for a conventional mortgage and coming up with thousands of dollars for a down payment and closing costs.



Q. What about a regular rental?


A. This program is similar to renting an apartment with a 12-month lease. Security deposits are always required when you opt for a regular 12-month rental.   Ask us about our newest program, the Better Than Rent Program.



Q. Is the rental program the same as the Rent To Own Program?


A. No, the  Rent To Own Program is more cost effective for our clients. Rental payments are always higher because of the landlord’s responsibility and the cost of keeping up the property. When you are approved for the Rent To Own you, the buyer, have committed to purchasing the home and, after taking possession, maintenance and upkeep are solely your responsibility on the property.




Our goal

is to dramatically improve your credit rating not only to enable you to secure home refinancing at the end of your lease term, but to also better your ability to secure consumer financing.

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