Less than nine years ago, we had both filed for bankruptcy, accumulated over 20 lines of negative credit, and even had our only car repossessed.  Our credit was so bad, that no one would give us the time of day after reviewing our credit reports. At one point, we had to live with family, because we had been denied everywhere that we applied to rent.


One day, we answered a local newspaper ad that read:  “Take over my apartment lease! I have to leave town yesterday! No Credit Check! Call ......”  This gentleman graciously let us take over his remaining six month lease. Wow, we were movin’ on up!


Regardless of all the negativity and countless denial letters, we were motivated to keep ‘digging’ for the right opportunity to move us forward. We answered numerous “No Credit Check” ads, all which DID pull our credit and of coarse, denied us.   We were very blessed to meet a wonderful couple, Harvey & Connie, who offered us a real “Rent To Own with No Credit Check” opportunity.  


Wow! Someone, for once, did not judge us by our credit history.  We were just good people with really bad credit. Harvey & Connie told us they did not care about our credit past, they were only concerned with where we wanted to go in the future.


They explained to us about their ‘Rent To Own’ Opportunity:


1.  After two years of being in the  Rent To Own Program, the banks will refinance the house in your name.  


2.  All you have to do is pay on time and upkeep the property.  You can do that, can’t you?


3.  You can make improvements and personalized touches to the property. Treat the house as your own!


4. If you have credit challenges, we will show you how you can repair and improve your credit!


5. Interest rates when refinancing can be lower than a typical purchase!


6. You have the choice to get money back when refinancing the home (i.e. to make improvements on your home, buy a new car, go on  a vacation, etc...) You have many options!


7.  You could even put a For Sale sign in the front yard, sell it, and roll the equity into the property of your dreams now that you have the good credit and equity!


Harvey & Connie offered us an “Opportunity Of A Lifetime”!


We thought it was too good to be true.  So during the first week after we moved in, we avoided answering the phone in fear that they were going to run our credit and come back for the keys. --Lucky for us, they never did!  


We did not even realize the opportunity that was given to us until the end of our 2-year contract with Harvey & Connie. That’s when it all began to unfold.  Everything they had told us had come true! It was an incredible experience and even more exciting to own our own home finally!  From that point on, we knew we had to “Pay It Forward” and help others.  The Rent To Own Program changed our lives completely in just two short years.


So far, we have been blessed to help many families purchase their homes through our Rent To Own Program, and we have multiple families in homes right now!  We look forward to sharing the same opportunity with you!  CLICK HERE FOR MORE BENEFITS YOU RECEIVE!


Health & Happiness!


Denise & Jason

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